babe, it's time to ease into your day + night.​

We know you can do hard things, like live in this crazy world, but we’re here when you need a dose of self care.

Relax Babe has harnessed the power of full-spectrum CBD into pre-dosed, delicious, third-party tested gummies to be the perfect soothing addition to your routine. 

Paired with our other curated ‘self care th*ngs’ and you’re ready to start self caring.

Relax Babe Club

Relax Babe Club

about us

At Relax Babe, we believe nothing is more beautiful than feeling good daily. Especially as a humans living in a fast-paced world, where stress is glorified and wellness tends to be out of sight, out of mind. 

Plus, any pressure to adopt a promising and “simple” 15-step morning routine feels overwhelming, to say the least. Though the idea of self-care for the everyday human has come a long way, one thing it’s missing is simplicity. 

At Relax Babe, we’re on a mission to make everyday wellness simple, accessible and delicious. Providing humans with easier days + nights because less stress = better sleep = happy, beautiful, healthy humans.