babe, it's time to ease
into your day + night.

We know you can do hard things, like live in this crazy world, but we’re here when it becomes overwhelming. 

Relax Babe has harnessed the power of full-spectrum CBD into pre-dosed, delicious, third-party tested gummies to be the perfect soothing addition to your routine.

Relax Babe Club

Relax Babe Club

about us

Relax Babe is on a mission to make every day + night a little easier to manage. We know how that screen-sink feeling can linger before bed or the tension of a deadline can set your day up…well, not necessarily for success. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to making CBD wellness easy, delightful and routine. So you can get on with easier days + nights by supporting + aiding your body’s Endocannabinoid system. A system responsible for so many things like mood, pain-sensation, sleep and so much more. 

Let’s keep our bodies healthy and happy. Because, what’s better than feeling good? We’d argue nothing.

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